Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Skeez's Memorial Service

The box we put in the freezer with Skeez in itSkeez's viewing and burial ended up being postponed until the following Monday, September 22, at 6:00 PM. I started off by telling about Skeez's life, such as the time he got lost in our Logan apartment and we found him 4 days later inside the furnace, which I had pretty much taken apart after I heard scratching inside, and then I opened up the floor for others to comment on how wonderful he had been in their lives! After that, Adam, who I had asked to put Skeez in the hole because I didn't have the heart to drop him in there, picked up the shirt he was wrapped in and started to bend over the hole when....Skeez accidentally fell out of the shirt, thudded hard right next to the hole, and then bounced in! We all sat there stunned for a second and then started laughing, as I'm sure Skeez would've wanted us to! I filled in the hole and put flowers on top (Hollie wasn't able to come until later that evening, that's why her rose isn't shown here on the grave) and that was it! There were no tears, other than fake ones, it was just a beautiful remembrance of my son! I love and miss you little buddy!

The attendees of the funeral (Kenz hadn't yet arrived)Me giving a very moving eulogyJill, Kenzie, and Lyss mourning and seriously contemplating lifeMe getting emotional at his grave


Hollie said...

Ohoooooooooooo My little furry friend. What a tragic day indeed. I love and miss your annoying running on that hamster wheel of yours. Sheesh little man.... The tears welling in my eye as I think about you! With great love and compassion I leave you with words of hope and happiness holly.... You WILL see your baby again! Love ya!

Ashley Custer said...

*GASP* I didn't know you were blogging too! Yay for blog buddies. I am so happy you found my blog so I could find yours, because I miss how friggin' hysterical you are! And now I can get my pure, undiluted Holly D-lite with every new post. Yay for blog stalking!

Hollie said...

I bid you a fond farwell as I head to the LAND of MAGIC! During this week I ask that you take a moment to ponder the things that make us happy...
Please quietly ponder and praise our deceased friend Walter Elias Disney and give a minute of silence!
Then think about me in DISNEYLAND!! Think of the fun trips that we will be eventually having! Peace out Home Skillet!
Love your dearest and oldest friend from kindergarten and beyond
Hollie Joy Marshall
aka colbie leslie

Hollie said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! I forgot how much I LOVE that picture of Lyss, kenz and Jill! I love it because Jill looks like a grave digger! What a fool!

marc and katherine purser said...

oh holly! such a touching moment in your time here on earth! i truly feel honored you posted my lovely gift of the bag o' pears...what a true friend you are!:)