Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How Fun! You're One!

I needed to take some time and update the ol' blogaroo today to wish one of my best friends (who happens to also be my niece and fairy godchild) a very happy birthday! So without further ado, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUBY JO LEAH GUNTER! I wish I could be there to celebrate this woof-derful day with you, but know that I love and miss you and can't wait to see you in Montana in just one week from today! Bark woof ruff bow wow!
I can't believe she used to be even more itty bitty than she is now!

But even with her small stature, she can still strike fear into Oreo's heart. Look how wary of Ruby she looks!
She looks like such a lady in her lovely yellow summer dress.

I can't believe she's already driving!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jamie Lyn Stephens...come on down!

So here I am, sitting on my bed with Ruby cuddled up beside me, putting off homework yet again by finding things to distract me from it. Today's lucky distraction? A post. To make it up to Britney for blogging a picture of her that oddly was not her most favorite one ever, I am putting up this little beauty of myself. It is perhaps the best picture taken of anyone ever and it boosts my self esteem every time I look at it because I look so breathtakingly gorgeous.

If you know me well, you know that when I get a cold, I get really sick of blowing/wiping my nose, so I tend to just shove tissues up there to prevent the need of doing either of those two things! Very efficient, very elegant.

Moving on...really the purpose of this post is to congratulate a certain Miss Jamie Lyn Stephens! Due to the fact that, with Camie's recent wedding, most of Jamie's best friends are now married, I have graciously invited her to join forces with Lyss, Hollie, Bree, Brit, and I to become our new best friend! Secretly there is a part of me that hopes she will bring the marriage vibe into our circle of friendship so that this will be the year I finally find that handsome hunk who will willingly take me to visit each Disney Park (Disneyland California, Disney World Florida, Disneyland Paris, and Disneyland Tokyo), as is my dream (along with a Disney Cruise of course). Welcome BFF Jamie! And yes, that picture looks familiar because I got it off of your Facebook.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm Torn

I needed to pick a new background, as mine was still St. Patty's themed and it's midway through April, so I started to browse around and happened across this one, titled "I'm Torn." As I truly WAS torn between several backgrounds, and this one is both cute and appropriately named, I chose it. There you go.

Spray Tan a la Britney

After remembering about this picture tonight, how could I NOT dedicate a post entirely to it? There's just something about spray attractive, so chic, so natural. Oh sweet Britney, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this priceless picture.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

You know you're jealous.

One thing I've never blogged about? The amazing painting my brother-in-law Adam made for me for Christmas! My family does a rotation, and this last Christmas it was Amy's family's year to have me. Knowing what a great artist Adam is, when Amy asked for ideas, all I truly wanted was for Adam to draw me some sort of Disney picture (I am, after all, the biggest Disney fan of all time). Well, they tricked me and wrapped a dvd case, so you can imagine my surprise on Christmas morning when I expected to unwrap a movie and instead found a blank dvd case with this note tucked inside....
Of course I hurried into my parents' room and pulled out a big (24X30 to be exact) present from under the bed, then rushed back to the present chair to open it in front of everyone. Pretty much the second I pulled the wrapping paper off I started crying, like not just one tiny tear, but full out streams going down both sides of my face. I loved it so much I couldn't stop myself! The best part of all is that on the backside is a jungle scene Adam had painted and it had been on an easel in his study the whole time! I even asked him about it one day because a little bit of the blue from my painting had gotten on the top corner of the jungle scene and I thought the kids had gotten into it or something. Ha ha! They fooled me twice. Like my friend George W. says, "Fool me once, shame on.....shame on you. If you fool me, you can't get fooled again."

My masterpiece.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You're always after me lucky charms!

In honor of St. Patrick's Day (which isn't until March 17th I know, but I wanted to get a head start), I'm making a little post of the Irish! I even decided to change my background for the month. And now is where I admit how retarded I am. After I went to the website and picked out what I deemed to be a rather cute "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" style, emphasis on the "IRISH" part of it, I thought to myself, "Now I need to get some pictures of other things Scotland has brought us besides St. Patrick's Day!" and proceeded to Google images of the few Scottish things I could think of. I didn't put it together until I decided to add a picture of a leprechaun and I thought, "Wait a second, leprechauns are Irish, not Scottish." Duh. So it is now your opportunity to enjoy not only a few pictures of things from Ireland, the true originator of St. Patty's Day, but of dear Scotland as well, because I already found these 3 pictures and wanted to post them.

Ireland has brought us many wonderful things, including:

(1) Assured good luck if you can but find the elusive 4 leaf clover

(2) Irish Wolfhounds, a dog that could easily double as a pony

(3) Adorable little leprechauns and their pots of magical gold

Scotland has also brought many wonders to the world, including:

(1) Kilts and bagpipes, a brave and CLEARLY sexy fashion combo

(2) Adorable, silly little Highland cows

(3) And who could forget Nessie, the fabulous Lady of Loch Ness

Friday, November 21, 2008

100 Years of Magic!

Last Saturday I did a most magical thing...I went to Disney On Ice! Hollie and Alyssa decided to surprise me and take me for my birthday (which isn't until December 8th, but Disney On Ice couldn't come back on the 8th just for me because of prior obligations) and it was AWESOME! To make things even better, we rode the FrontRunner there! In case you didn't know, I absolutely adore the FrontRunner, despite one time getting locked in it and having to go clear to Ogden and wait 20 minutes for the workers to smoke before they finally took us back to Clearfield. It makes me feel like Harry Potter on the Hogwarts Express! In fact, I have a plan to one day dress up like Harry Potter, complete with wand and cage holding a large, fake, snowy white owl, and just ride the FrontRunner back and forth, whispering little spells at people under my breath. But that's another post for the future! Anywho, so we get on the 4:23 train so that we can get to Salt Lake in plenty of time, and we're riding along, happy as can be, when I ask Hollie if I can see one of the tickets and she realizes she has left them at home! So we got off in Layton and just goofed around in the freezing cold of the station until kind Natalie brought us the tickets and we caught another train. We left Layton at 5:30 and got there just in time! They even went before it started and bought me some light up Mickey Ears to wear (which I kept on all night long of course)! Now I had found out about the Disney On Ice surprise beforehand because Lyss is a horrible liar, but what I didn't know was that not only had they taken me on a most wondrous birthday adventure, but they had gotten seats on the 6TH ROW! I was so happy/grateful that as I sat down in my seat and the show started, I started to cry! The magic tends to just overwhelm me at times I suppose. After the incredible show that I could have watched for hours on end, they took me out to eat at Applebees, and then to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for a mouth-watering chocolate drizzled caramel apple treat! It was a perfect night! Well, other than the fact that on the way home they forced me to eat a large majority of a partially white chocolate covered dog bone Hollie had bought for Ruby. It actually wasn't too bad if I bit the end with the chocolate to mix with the dry, grainy taste.

Hollie was convinced she could put her heels together and bend all the way down without lifting them. She couldn't. But she was a lot closer than me or Lyss!

Bruce was awful hungry....Look how many characters were in the show! And this isn't even all of them.