Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Alone in the rain...and loving it!

Friday, September 19th, around 7:00 PM I believe, I had a most wonderful idea to go to the drive in! It had been raining most of the day, but the skies had cleared for a moment and didn't look too ominous, so I thought it would be just perfect! I looked on the drive in's website to see what was playing and found a perfect pair: Dark Knight with House Bunny. I hadn't yet seen the Dark Knight, but had really been wanting to, and I HAD seen House Bunny and thought it was hilarious, so I was basically destined to go. The one problem with my plan? No one that I asked could/wanted to go. The nerve. Now I'm not the type to go to movies or dinner by myself, but I had been wanting to go to the drive in for quite some time and it never seemed to work out, so as I was afraid it would be closing soon for the season, I made the decision to go anyway, all by myself! I was a bit flip-floppy for a small bit as, when I went to buy batteries at Walmart for the little stereo I borrowed from Lexi, it started to rain, and I didn't know how fun it would be to go solo, but I went through the Sonic Drive thru, got myself a Route 44 Dr. Pepper, and away I went! When I got there, the Dark Knight had just started, so I hurried and maneuvered around the 3 other cars at my screen to get a nice spot right up front, set up my camping chair in front of my car, and quickly turned the radio on to get to the right station. Apparently Lexi's stereo is Latino, because it wouldn't stay on 106.3, it kept changing itself to this Spanish dance station on 106.4, so I found the station on my car radio, rolled my window down, moved my camping chair to right outside the driver side door, then huddled up in my blankets and settled in to enjoy the shows! And I DID enjoy them! They were both over by about 12:15, and I drove home happy as could be! That's when the night went downhill....

I really like this show, but it left me feeling kind of sad. What a way for Heath to end though! Amazing performance!

I'm pretty sure this is the screen I was on, but I don't know for sure as I got both pictures of the drive in from their website. How I love this place!
Freaking hilarious.