Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Little Skeez: November 8, 2006-September 19, 2008

Arriving home from the drive in (see previous post) around 12:30, I went inside, jolly as an elf, and went to feed my children, aka hamsters, Skeez, Reepicheep, and Pipsqueak. Now usually I open Skeez's cage (which is in my room) to feed him, then go into the storage room where I keep the other two (because they stink no matter how thoroughly I clean their cage), feed them, and come back to talk to/play with/hold/love Skeez, who has by this time woken up and is getting a drink or stretching his tiny little legs. This being a nightly routine, you can imagine I was surprised to return to my room after feeding the Little Tinies and find Skeez still asleep. I went over to his cage and said, "Wake up little guy! Come on!" and my heart sunk when he didn't even flinch. I sat down on my bed and started sobbing, which prompted Lyss to come in my room to see what was the matter, and I was pretty much a complete mess for the next hour or more! I took his cage into the bathroom and took the top off, then took him out and wrapped him up in an old shirt (at which point Lyss, who usually pretends she is terrified of him, showed she really loved him after all by starting to sob along with me and saying, "It's just so sad to see him like this!") which was then placed in a shoe box, which was then placed in the Gunter's downstairs freezer, much to Jodi's dismay. Whoops! I figured it was sanitary as he was double wrapped, and it was better than leaving him to rot in my room until I could bury him! I'm sure that wouldn't have resulted in a pleasant smell, since he was already a little stinky and he'd been dead less than 24 hours. It was quite tragic, but I'm happy he's running on that great hamster wheel in the sky! As my sister Stacy advised me, "You should invest in an animal with a little longer life span so you're not crushed every two years." Thank you to everyone who sent their sympathy!
A gift bag from Katherine containing pears, which just may be my favorite fruit!
The note attached to the bag from Katherine
Hollie brought a rose for Skeez's grave, as well as a bag of sunflower seeds (his favorite) and some Dr. Pepper for me! I sprinkled a handful of the seeds on his grave for him to eat in the afterlife!