Monday, June 30, 2008

Who Knew I'd Be 3 Feet From Jordin Sparks?

Last Wednesday, June 25th to be exact, I was lucky enough to see none other than the Season 6 winner of American Idol (one of my all time favorite shows), Jordin Sparks, live in concert! It was a freakin blast! I saw she was coming to the Scera in Orem when we were there visiting Bryson and Jaclyn for an Olive Garden/game night fest(yes, the same night we got locked out of B and J's apartment at 4 in the morning because I had an EXTREME bathroom emergency and couldn't bring myself to go in the one tiny bathroom that happens to be in their bedroom), so Lyss and I, along with Sarah Sherwood and Jill Purser, bought tickets and went! They were only 10 dollars, which is a steal of a deal considering she is amazing and we got so close we were only inches from touching her fingertips! She even drove RIGHT by (like 2 feet away) Lyss and I in a golf cart before the concert started while we were outside the gates waiting for my sister to bring us some water. Ah! I only knew 5 of the songs she sang, two of which were remakes of other artists, but I didn't care because I just love concerts and we had so much fun because she's so adorable! Ben and Ashley came too because Ben texted some number for free tickets and won! Hooray for Jordin Sparks! Jordin singing her little heart out! Alyssa screaming for Jordin at the top of her lungs!This is us, just go lucky and happy as can be.


Ben said...

Why no picture of the three of us, hmmm?!!! Apparently you forgot about the most important celebrities of the night.