Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dedicated to the One I Love...Me

I pretty much made this blog a couple of months ago, but for some unknown reason my blog was thought to be spam (because everyone in the world is bound to stumble across the name Ferdie's Funhouse so it is obviously a good choice for a spam name) and was out of service for a month after I made it, THEN when my good name was finally cleared, I just never got around to posting. But here I finally am! And my first and only item of business for this, my very first post, is to dedicate this blog to the many-toed beauty that was the inspiration for its name: Ferdie Jean Rasmussen. Ferdie, you may have been a promiscuous little darling, getting pregnant before you were even 9 months old, but along with those extra large paws you had an extra large heart and you will live on forever in the lives of all those you touched. Rest in peace my polydactyl love!

Wasn't she gorgeous?!
Paws even a bear could be proud of!


Hollie said...

OH MY GASH!!!! I SERIOUSLY just laughed out loud! I can't help but have a deep appreciation for this post! The tears that it brings to my eyes!!!! I loved that darn cat so much! Cute Blog lady!

Krista said...

WOW, how many toes does that thing have? Is this the kitty that "you know" and had to have life support. Sorry to bring up sad memories. I bet your blog was reported cause the name sounds like a porn site!!! Ha Ha JK.