Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lucy Kate Murray

Another new addition! On the morning of November 3rd, my sister Amy went and had her cerclage removed. When she went back for a check up a few hours later, she was already dilated to a 4, so I went over to watch Cole and Grace while she and Adam went back up to the hospital to have the baby! She called a few hours later to say she'd delivered wee Lucy Kate at 6:55 PM, so I loaded up the kids at about 7:30 PM and we went and saw her! She was 3 weeks early, so you'd think she'd be about 6 lbs or so, but oh no! She was an 8 lbs. 2 oz. little chunk! She's a beautiful baby, just like Amy's other kids, and I can't get enough of her! I've taken about a million pictures in just the 2 weeks she's been here, but I'll spare you and just post a few.
She appears to be a little suspicious of something.

Look at these chubby cheeks! Smiling on the 2nd day! Sort of. You can see her little dimples!

She's got such big beautiful blue eyes!


Hollie said...

I think what you are forgetting to tell people miss holly is that this adorable baby girl is actually MY baby! I thought you would be honest on that note! Sheesh! She really is the most adorable thing to crawl this side of main street! I KNOW she can't really crawl yet but walk just sounded more ridiculous!